Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Great preseason so far!

Fast and furious is one way to describe last night's game between the Canucks and Oilers; entertaining, would be another. Everyone on the ice in 'blue and green' was on fire. First, Luongo was sharp in net and made some spectacular saves, erasing the horrible memories of last year's preseason. Salo, Bieksa, and Krajicek looked solid in front of Luongo-Hey Sami, please take it easy and not get hurt before the season begins!-But the best surprises last night were the new faces, young and old. Young Grabner scored his first power play goal from a pass from Hansen who, by the way, grew into a man these past years while we weren't looking. Similarly, Darcy Hordichuk, the seasoned and gritty NHLer, gave the Canuck's their first goal of the night proving that Gillis isn't a fool. And finally, there was Bernier, THE NEXT HOPE. He may not of gotten any points, but he sure made himself known with his aggressive play and straight-to-the-net approach. I can't wait until Saturday! BRING ON THE SHARKS!

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