Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Sedin Twins meet Gillis Wednesday

Finally, there is some Canuck rumblings. Tomorrow, Henrik and Daniel have their first meeting with Canucks new GM, Mike Gillis. I heard on Team 1040 one of The Twins say they and their families love Vancouver and would maybe take a paycut to stay here together on the team. I also heard him say he wants a No Trade Clause. As a fan who has watch this team ever since Trevor Linden played his first game here, I have also watched The Twins from day one. I think they have gotten better each year and will only get better. Last year, they played all 82 games with a combined points total of 150 and are expected to get 6million in free agency, as opposed to Sundin, who played 74 games and would get 10million (if he takes Gillis' offer). The Twins are 27yrs old -Sundin, 37yrs. TAKE THE TWINS-DUMP THE CHUMP!

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