Saturday, September 20, 2008

Will-ee be the new captain of the Canucks?

Today on TEAM 1040, Mike Gillis was asked about the naming of the captain of the Canucks. He listed the criteria of a captain which seemed to match only one Canuck on the roster-Willie Mitchell! Some people might suggest Kevin Bieksa, but I think he lacks experience and judgement-How many times did he cost us the game last year in the final minutes of the third period. No, Mitchell is the one! He has grit, he plays hurt, and I believe he's a game changer-You remember what he did in the playoffs two years ago when he just barely stopped the puck from crossing the goal line in Game 4 of the playoffs with Dallas. That save gave the Canucks a 3-1 lead in the series instead of Dallas making it 2-2. He saved Luongo's arss that night! He doesn't put up points, but he gives us extra security on the back end. I betcha 10-1 ' Will-ee ' will be the next captain! Bank on that!

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