Sunday, December 28, 2008

When will Sundin play for the Canucks?

Everybody in Vancity is anxiously waiting to see #13 play for the Canucks, but they're unsure of when that will be. My hope is that it will be on New Years day when we play the "crybaby Predators." -We'll give them something to cry about! With Pyatt out for four weeks and Luongo still not skating, we need some offensive force now. But no matter when Sundin plays, he'll be wearing blue and green in 2009! Ha! Ha!

Friday, November 14, 2008

2007/2008 Regular Season

2007-2008 Regular Season
# Date Opp Dec Record Pts
1 05 Oct '07 SJS L 00-01-00 0
2 06 Oct '07 CGY W 01-01-00 2
3 10 Oct '07 PHI L 01-02-00 2
4 12 Oct '07 EDM W 02-02-00 4
5 13 Oct '07 EDM W 03-02-00 6
6 15 Oct '07 SJS L 03-03-00 6
7 19 Oct '07 LAK L 03-04-00 6
8 21 Oct '07 CBJ W 04-04-00 8
9 22 Oct '07 CAR L 04-05-00 8
10 24 Oct '07 DET L 04-06-00 8
11 26 Oct '07 WSH W 05-06-00 10
12 28 Oct '07 DET L 05-07-00 10
13 01 Nov '07 NSH L 05-08-00 10
14 03 Nov '07 COL W 06-08-00 12
15 08 Nov '07 CGY W 07-08-00 14
16 09 Nov '07 COL W 08-08-00 16
17 14 Nov '07 EDM O 08-08-01 17
18 16 Nov '07 MIN W 09-08-01 19
19 18 Nov '07 CGY W 10-08-01 21
20 20 Nov '07 EDM O 10-08-02 22
# Date Opp Dec Record Pts
21 21 Nov '07 MIN W 11-08-02 24
22 23 Nov '07 STL L 11-09-02 24
23 25 Nov '07 CHI W 12-09-02 26
24 27 Nov '07 ANA W 13-09-02 28
25 29 Nov '07 CBJ W 14-09-02 30
26 02 Dec '07 MIN L 14-10-02 30
27 05 Dec '07 CHI W 15-10-02 32
28 06 Dec '07 NSH W 16-10-02 34
29 08 Dec '07 PIT O 16-10-03 35
30 10 Dec '07 LAK L 16-11-03 35
31 12 Dec '07 ANA W 17-11-03 37
32 13 Dec '07 SJS L 17-12-03 37
33 15 Dec '07 EDM O 17-12-04 38
34 18 Dec '07 NJD W 18-12-04 40
35 20 Dec '07 DAL W 19-12-04 42
36 22 Dec '07 PHX W 20-12-04 44
37 23 Dec '07 COL L 20-13-04 44
38 27 Dec '07 CGY W 21-13-04 46
39 30 Dec '07 ANA W 22-13-04 48
40 31 Dec '07 CGY L 22-14-04 48
# Date Opp Dec Record Pts
41 03 Jan '08 NYR W 23-14-04 50
42 08 Jan '08 NYI W 24-14-04 52
43 10 Jan '08 SJS L 24-15-04 52
44 11 Jan '08 PHX L 24-16-04 52
45 13 Jan '08 STL W 25-16-04 54
46 15 Jan '08 CBJ L 25-17-04 54
47 17 Jan '08 DET O 25-17-05 55
48 19 Jan '08 LAK L 25-18-05 55
49 21 Jan '08 MIN L 25-19-05 55
50 23 Jan '08 STL W 26-19-05 57
51 29 Jan '08 DAL L 26-20-05 57
52 31 Jan '08 TBL L 26-21-05 57
53 01 Feb '08 FLA O 26-21-06 58
54 05 Feb '08 DAL O 26-21-07 59
55 07 Feb '08 ATL W 27-21-07 61
56 09 Feb '08 COL L 27-22-07 61
57 10 Feb '08 CHI W 28-22-07 63
58 14 Feb '08 MIN O 28-22-08 64
59 16 Feb '08 EDM W 29-22-08 66
60 19 Feb '08 MIN W 30-22-08 68
# Date Opp Dec Record Pts
61 21 Feb '08 NSH W 31-22-08 70
62 23 Feb '08 DET W 32-22-08 72
63 27 Feb '08 COL O 32-22-09 73
64 29 Feb '08 CBJ O 32-22-10 74
65 02 Mar '08 CHI L 32-23-10 74
66 04 Mar '08 COL L 32-24-10 74
67 06 Mar '08 NSH W 33-24-10 76
68 08 Mar '08 STL W 34-24-10 78
69 10 Mar '08 LAK W 35-24-10 80
70 12 Mar '08 ANA L 35-25-10 80
71 13 Mar '08 PHX L 35-26-10 80
72 15 Mar '08 DAL W 36-26-10 82
73 17 Mar '08 PHX W 37-26-10 84
74 20 Mar '08 EDM W 38-26-10 86
75 21 Mar '08 MIN L 38-27-10 86
76 25 Mar '08 CGY L 38-28-10 86
77 26 Mar '08 COL L 38-29-10 86
78 28 Mar '08 MIN L 38-30-10 86
79 30 Mar '08 CGY W 39-30-10 88
80 01 Apr '08 COL L 39-31-10 88
# Date Opp Dec Record Pts
81 03 Apr '08 EDM L 39-32-10 88
82 05 Apr '08 CGY L 39-33-10 88

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Awesome! Canucks win opener for Bourdon!

Forgive me for a short post, but I need to send my laptop in for repairs-keyboard screwed...Tonight, we did him proud. Luongo saved us in the first and the rest of you guys came through for Luc in the second and the third. God bless you Luc!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Loungo named captain?

Today, Luongo was named the captain of the Canucks-weird! Willie Mitchell, Mattias Ohlund, and Ryan Kesler were named the alternative captains. Luongo does make sense if you heard Gillis' remarks last week. He certainly is a game changer. CONGRATULATIONS LUONGO!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

4-0 preseason! Well, wood he make the team?

Tonight we were playing against an Anaheim team that had basically a full NHL roster. I didn't have much optimism going into this game, but this canuck team has surprised me so far this season. With the first drop of the puck, I thought we were in for a whopping. Selanne was back with his new contract and two of the three greatest D-men in the NHL were in the line up. But, when you're playing with your career on the line, you play desperate. Speaking of Kyle Wellwood- yello!- he sure saved his buttox tonight! After coming into training camp in the bad books, he gave the coaching staff something to think about this evening. He won the game in the shootout not to mention he scored in regulation. I think we are in a good situation when you have too many good players and not enough spots. In the end, we won. Let us not mention the Twins and Bernier nor Sami's great feat because these guys are already on the team. The player who needed to prove himself did so tonight.

Paul Newman dead at 83!

Paul Newman, Hollywood legend, passed away this weekend after a long battle with cancer. He will be remembered for his love of racing , all his humanitarian deeds, and of course all the classic movies he made. One movie is particularly meaningful to the hockey world. The comedy, Slap Shot, showed the world the entertainment value of hockey with it's version of old-time hockey. It also gave us the memorable Hanson Brothers. Classic movie! Classic man!
Rest in peace, Reggie Dunlop!

photo from Official Charleston Chiefs Merchandise

Saturday, September 27, 2008

3-0 in the preseason! Excuse me while I wine.

Tonight I was all set to watch the game on canucks.com. I had my husband home to help watch our kids, , my cordless earphones clamped to my head, and a glass of French Merlot at my side . I was ready for my seasonal addiction to begin. But when I went to watch the game, there was no video feed, only audio which kept echoing in my ear-Tommy Larscheid and Shorty doing double takes. And then, when the video started up, it would freeze.. and then start again, the whole time out of sync with the schizophrenic audio. While I fooled around with my laptop, occasionally hearing the score updates, I failed to notice my 1 year old daughter creeping up to the fourth shelf of the bookcase, the location of my FULL glass of RED wine.- Where was my husband! Needless to say, after 30 minutes on my knees, spraying and blotting, I managed to save the carpet from a catastrophe. And as I sit here with my daughter, past out on my lap, hours after the game, I realize that it's only a game and that my family matters more. Anyways, the REAL season doesn't begin until OCTOBER 9, 2008! Maybe I'll get a babysitter that night.........hmm...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Great preseason so far!

Fast and furious is one way to describe last night's game between the Canucks and Oilers; entertaining, would be another. Everyone on the ice in 'blue and green' was on fire. First, Luongo was sharp in net and made some spectacular saves, erasing the horrible memories of last year's preseason. Salo, Bieksa, and Krajicek looked solid in front of Luongo-Hey Sami, please take it easy and not get hurt before the season begins!-But the best surprises last night were the new faces, young and old. Young Grabner scored his first power play goal from a pass from Hansen who, by the way, grew into a man these past years while we weren't looking. Similarly, Darcy Hordichuk, the seasoned and gritty NHLer, gave the Canuck's their first goal of the night proving that Gillis isn't a fool. And finally, there was Bernier, THE NEXT HOPE. He may not of gotten any points, but he sure made himself known with his aggressive play and straight-to-the-net approach. I can't wait until Saturday! BRING ON THE SHARKS!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We won!--And in a shootout against the Oilers!

The last couple of years the Canucks have dreaded going to the shootout against the Edmonton Oilers. They knew if they were tied at the end of regulation, they had better win in the next five minutes of OT or else definitely lose the game. But last night gives me some hope. Two of the Canucks' hopefuls, Wellwood and Krog, both scored in the shootout, with Krog scoring the winning goal. Wellwood came into last night's game after supreme criticism from coach Vigneault that he is severely out of shape-Did you see that picture of him in The Province yesterday?-YIKES! He has a couple of more games to prove himself or "Hello, Manitoba!"
All in all, I thought the Canucks played decently. Schneider looked sharp and steady in net, giving the Oilers only one power play goal. As for the veterans, there was speed from Raymond and grit from Kesler and Cowan. On defense, Ohlund looked healthy as did Mitchell. Over all, I give this team a B- grade. We'll see tonight what some of the other hopefuls could bring to this question mark team.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sundin rumors...yawn...again!

Eklund is reporting a Sundin "48 hr watch" -what ever that means. Interestingly, he mentions just two teams : the Canucks and a "central team ." Although I'm not sold on Sundin, I'm intrigued by the thought of an elite player coming here. Unfortunately, the last one we had here was Messier-Can you say "major dud!" But, I'm willing to give this Swede a second chance-hey, I gave Naslund twelve. Let's wait two days and see.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Will-ee be the new captain of the Canucks?

Today on TEAM 1040, Mike Gillis was asked about the naming of the captain of the Canucks. He listed the criteria of a captain which seemed to match only one Canuck on the roster-Willie Mitchell! Some people might suggest Kevin Bieksa, but I think he lacks experience and judgement-How many times did he cost us the game last year in the final minutes of the third period. No, Mitchell is the one! He has grit, he plays hurt, and I believe he's a game changer-You remember what he did in the playoffs two years ago when he just barely stopped the puck from crossing the goal line in Game 4 of the playoffs with Dallas. That save gave the Canucks a 3-1 lead in the series instead of Dallas making it 2-2. He saved Luongo's arss that night! He doesn't put up points, but he gives us extra security on the back end. I betcha 10-1 ' Will-ee ' will be the next captain! Bank on that!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New hair apparent?

I saw Luongo's interviews yesterday and I noticed he had a new style- Hair style that is! Maybe he's change a new leaf (wouldn't we all like to change a new LEAF). Maybe his new coiffure is a sign of changes in the Canuck's regime. Gone are the blonde highlights of Naslund and the buzzcut of Morrison. Now we have, Luongo, a first time dad, with his cool sideburns and tamed short locks. A lot different from the Luongo of old- a greasy,curly mopped, long -haired perfectionist. Does this mean that Luongo takes over as the leader of this franchise? Judging from his commanding new style, I believe so!

Schneider on waivers!

The Ducks have put Schneider on waivers today. Does that mean that Selanne will be signed soon?-Finally things are hapenning!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Eklund does it again!

As usual, Eklund pulled another Eklund. Nothing happened, again. What are we at now?-1000 useless major trade rumours. Come on man, get one right! I've got to go- The Hour is on with Ricky Gervais.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A trade coming soon! We hope!

Hot off the presses-Eklund has a rumor that Vancouver and New York Rangers are planning a huge trade involving -guess who?????? Bieksa! Just like I said. But you know Eklund, he's not that reliable. So let's wait until tomorrow to see if other sources a reporting the same rumblings-Got to go, I'm watching Mad Men.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Cross off Montreal!

Looks as though Montreal has moved on. Today, the Montreal Canadians acquired Robert Lang from Chicago for second-round selection in the 2010 NHL entry draft. Apparently, Bob Gainey doesn't see Mats Sundin as part of their future-Smart move! All we need now is for Gillis to follow suit and tell Sundin "thanks, but not thanks!" You don't know how totally irritating it is waiting for this selfish 37yr old who is still procrastinating. Come on! YES OR NO! PLAY OR RETIRE ALREADY! My 10yr old son knows if he wants to do something or not -he doesn 't take 3 months to decide-As a responsible mother, I wouldn't let him! As a professional GM, Gillis shouldn't either.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pass the dinner rolls, please! Sedins' dinner meeting with Gillis

Today on the Team 1040, Mike Gillis, during an interview, said his dinner meeting with the Sedins was not a contract negotiation meeting as thought by all. Although he would give no further details as to what was discussed, he did reveal that he had recently asked current teammates their opinion of Daniel's and Henrik's character on and off the ice. All the comments Gillis received seemed to indicated The Twins are highly regarded players and leaders. I hope this means that Gillis will sign them soon because I'm so looking forward to seeing the line of Daniel, Henrik, and Steve Bernier light up the scoreboard this year and prove all the naysayers WRONG! It seems that most sports analysts have us finishing at the bottom this season-well, you just wait. If we don't land Sundin, I know we'll trade to get a first line center and those analysts will have some "SPLAININ" to do! Go Canucks!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Sedin Twins meet Gillis Wednesday

Finally, there is some Canuck rumblings. Tomorrow, Henrik and Daniel have their first meeting with Canucks new GM, Mike Gillis. I heard on Team 1040 one of The Twins say they and their families love Vancouver and would maybe take a paycut to stay here together on the team. I also heard him say he wants a No Trade Clause. As a fan who has watch this team ever since Trevor Linden played his first game here, I have also watched The Twins from day one. I think they have gotten better each year and will only get better. Last year, they played all 82 games with a combined points total of 150 and are expected to get 6million in free agency, as opposed to Sundin, who played 74 games and would get 10million (if he takes Gillis' offer). The Twins are 27yrs old -Sundin, 37yrs. TAKE THE TWINS-DUMP THE CHUMP!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Picture of David Pratt in leather pants

Does anyone have a picture of David Pratt in leather pants?

Come on Gillis, make a move!

I've been waiting since July 1st for something big to happen-NADA! Gillis hasn't even talked to the Sedins yet about a contract extension. We keep waiting to hear about Sundin's decision, but it looks as though he's going to pull a Scott Niedermayer and choose a Stanley Cup contender team before the trade deadline . Gillis, take the offer off the table NOW! Make some big trades. Give us fans some hope -like when Nonis stole Luongo from Florida. Please-trade Bieksa, trade Edler, give us SOMETHING before this season begins.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

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