Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pass the dinner rolls, please! Sedins' dinner meeting with Gillis

Today on the Team 1040, Mike Gillis, during an interview, said his dinner meeting with the Sedins was not a contract negotiation meeting as thought by all. Although he would give no further details as to what was discussed, he did reveal that he had recently asked current teammates their opinion of Daniel's and Henrik's character on and off the ice. All the comments Gillis received seemed to indicated The Twins are highly regarded players and leaders. I hope this means that Gillis will sign them soon because I'm so looking forward to seeing the line of Daniel, Henrik, and Steve Bernier light up the scoreboard this year and prove all the naysayers WRONG! It seems that most sports analysts have us finishing at the bottom this season-well, you just wait. If we don't land Sundin, I know we'll trade to get a first line center and those analysts will have some "SPLAININ" to do! Go Canucks!


Anonymous said...

Go Girl!!! What about Pyatt!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your thoughts but let's give Bieksa one more year!

Anonymous said...

Well I hope he knows their worth to this team. As for Bieksa, I think he should get another chance with the team. He wasn't ready to come back last year. Keep up the good work sis.

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