Sunday, September 28, 2008

4-0 preseason! Well, wood he make the team?

Tonight we were playing against an Anaheim team that had basically a full NHL roster. I didn't have much optimism going into this game, but this canuck team has surprised me so far this season. With the first drop of the puck, I thought we were in for a whopping. Selanne was back with his new contract and two of the three greatest D-men in the NHL were in the line up. But, when you're playing with your career on the line, you play desperate. Speaking of Kyle Wellwood- yello!- he sure saved his buttox tonight! After coming into training camp in the bad books, he gave the coaching staff something to think about this evening. He won the game in the shootout not to mention he scored in regulation. I think we are in a good situation when you have too many good players and not enough spots. In the end, we won. Let us not mention the Twins and Bernier nor Sami's great feat because these guys are already on the team. The player who needed to prove himself did so tonight.

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