Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We won!--And in a shootout against the Oilers!

The last couple of years the Canucks have dreaded going to the shootout against the Edmonton Oilers. They knew if they were tied at the end of regulation, they had better win in the next five minutes of OT or else definitely lose the game. But last night gives me some hope. Two of the Canucks' hopefuls, Wellwood and Krog, both scored in the shootout, with Krog scoring the winning goal. Wellwood came into last night's game after supreme criticism from coach Vigneault that he is severely out of shape-Did you see that picture of him in The Province yesterday?-YIKES! He has a couple of more games to prove himself or "Hello, Manitoba!"
All in all, I thought the Canucks played decently. Schneider looked sharp and steady in net, giving the Oilers only one power play goal. As for the veterans, there was speed from Raymond and grit from Kesler and Cowan. On defense, Ohlund looked healthy as did Mitchell. Over all, I give this team a B- grade. We'll see tonight what some of the other hopefuls could bring to this question mark team.

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